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Empath Editor is a self-discovery hub for learning more about empathy managed by a sensitive writer, editor, and empath. Find musings on self-empathy, mindful writing and editing, inclusive tarot, and more.
Our stories are always being written. But sometimes we’re not comfortable being the author, or we simply forget that we are. Although we may not have control over some story elements—the setting, the characters, or the protagonist on page one—we can still work hard to shape this messy manuscript into a book that we’d be proud to pull off the shelf.
When we use both sides of the pencil, we take an active role in writing our stories and remembering that it’s okay to self-edit along the way. Empath Editor is a safe space to discover how empathy can help us do just that. It's a self-discovery hub for learning how empathy works, building greater self-empathy, editing empathic habits, and exploring new ways of using empathy in life and work.
Alyssa Dannaker Creator of Empath Editor

Hello There

I’m Alyssa, a writer, editor, and empath and a big believer in the power of empathy. As I discover my own relationship with empathy, I'm sharing all the ups and downs along the way to help you navigate yours. I'm on a mission to encourage everyday womxn to build greater self-empathy so they can write and edit more fulfilling lives. To me, empathy is everything. We all need to build more of it for ourselves, to be our own best friend, and for others, to make meaningful connections with the people around us. Learn more about my philosophy on empathy.

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